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Mindful Anger Management

a grid of multiple people in various states of anger

$300 | 10-week group | Thursdays at 6pm CT | New group starting May 2, 2024

Group facilitated by Thomas (Tom) Pickens

Mindful Anger Management is a 10-week curriculum-based group combining classic anger management skills and mindfulness.

The group will explore the evolutionary role of anger, when anger is appropriate, the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness, and how to differentiate between anger, fear, and frustration. We’ll practice being able to express ourselves so that others are able to truly hear us versus being intimidated or afraid. We’ll use mindfulness skills to identify emotions and be able to “just feel” these rather than reacting inappropriately. This group is not someone talking at you about how to be less angry, instead it is interactive and results in a real shift in how you experience and express the often helpful emotion of anger.

Maximum of 10 participants. Group runs with 5 or more participants. Group participants musts be 18+.

This group may be billable to your health insurance. Contact us for more information or to register.