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Airriell Thomas, Psy.D


Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor

I particularly enjoy supporting couples seeking to clarify shared goals, address previous and ongoing conflicts, and increase their appreciation for one another. Typically, at the beginning of therapy, we take a multi-week deep dive that allows all parties to highlight areas that are going well, come to a mutual understanding of areas that need attention, and lay out a timed approach to addressing goals. Couples seeking guidance around navigating non-traditional partnerships, managing finances, family planning, building and maintaining intimacy, and improving communication, among many other topics, generally find my approach helpful. My approach includes appropriately integrating the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, Pragmatic and Experiential Couples Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy modalities.

For individuals, I provide support in managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and various life transitions. My integrative approach to care, which includes humanistic, cognitive, and health psychology-focused interventions, is designed to help individuals increase their self-understanding and self-efficacy. By acknowledging one’s resources and combining them with traditional approaches to symptom management, I empower my clients to live the life they want. I also offer assessment services for clients looking to explore and resolve attention-related concerns and those seeking a better understanding of mood irregularities.

I encourage exploration through challenging questions. In all therapeutic alliances, I seek to offer clients an open and safe but appropriately challenging space that encourages self-exploration, reflection, taking responsibility, building resilience and coping mechanisms, and aligning actions to personal values. Emotional, physical, or financial distress and a lack of connection with others can interfere with one’s ability to attain goals and find balance. These problems can feel overwhelming and isolating, but they do not need to be addressed alone.

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