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Too Soon to Rent the Uhaul?

By: Jonathan Smith, Psy.D

Photo of moving truck on a road. This photo is used to accompany a blog post about our office relocation.

July 5, 2024

Just like that, July is already underway! We’re excited to announce that Andersonville Mindfulness & Psychology will be moving to a new space by the end of 2024. Our new location will be near the intersection of Broadway and Bryn Mawr, which is less than a ten-minute walk from our current location on Clark Street. The building space is finished, and we’re currently working on building it out to meet our needs. This new space has several advantages, too.

More accessibility

The new space is on the first floor, which makes it much more accessible for folks with mobility concerns. We’re building ADA-compliant restrooms, and our designer is working to ensure the space is as accessible as possible for our clients and staff members.

We will also be closer to the L! The Bryn Mawr CTA station is less than five minutes on foot, and there is an even closer bus stop serviced by the #36 (Broadway) bus line.

More space

While the new space is only slightly larger than our current Andersonville office, the redesigned layout will significantly better use our available space. We’ll have eight offices, a group room, and a staff room – providing ample space for our team to connect and take a break from work. This expansion enhances our capacity for in-person therapy and assessment services.

Additionally, the new space will allow us to host events that will enable us to engage more within our ward and our community. Activating the space during “off-hours” creates an opportunity for drop-in workshops and events and, hopefully, the return of an annual onsite art exhibit!

We are thrilled about the upcoming move and believe that this relocation will not only allow us to better serve our clients and community but also open up new opportunities for growth and engagement. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the end of the year!